Feels pretty surreal to have presented to an audience of 10,000 and also to have met many of the best minds in real estate this past week at the #tomferrysummit. Definitely an opportunity that I’m grateful for this #canadianthanksgiving.


Renovated 1 Bedroom Condo For Sale

PATIO PATIO PATIO! Here is a truly unique property. 

This quiet garden suite is tastefully renovated with high quality finishings and appliances, an open kitchen and a spacious living room that leads to over 500 square feet of private outdoor space. Lush perennial gardens surround your patio space, as does a new 6-foot tall fence providing great privacy and security. 

Once you’ve imagined what’s possible with a patio like that, come back to the over 600 square feet of indoor space where you will find work home space, bamboo flooring, custom blinds, custom walnut cabinets and quartz counters with under-mounted sinks and soap dispensers. 

Welcome to “La Mirage”, a healthy, problem-free concrete building in the West End. It’s pet-friendly, located on the bikeway and just a couple blocks away from all you could need in a day. Call now for your private tour! Why are you still reading this?! CALL 604.313.9805!

View Photos and Floor Plan

1230 Comox Street, Suite 101

1 bedroom 🛌

1 bedroom 🛁

605 square feet of Interior Space 📐

519 Square Feet of Exterior Space 📐

1 Parking 

Offered at $579,900


Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to price your home in a hot "sellers'" market... here's my full disclosure on pricing your home too high...


How much is the deposit for a real estate purchase anyways? When do you have to pay it? All this and more in today's episode of Full Disclosure!


Watch to hear my full disclosure on hiring a "buyers' agent."

TRIGGER WARNING... if you’re a Realtor & regularly try to represent the seller AND the buyer on real estate transactions, you're probably going to unfollow me after watching this video...

and I'm ok with that 😉

💎 in SOME cases, I think it’s acceptable to represent both sides, but I rarely do it and typically bring in another agent as a referral to handle that client so each party feels like they have proper representation.

Just giving the people what they NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear

Let me know what you think in the comments below


For everyone who owns a property... you know you've got a magic number 🤑

Come on, what is it? I won't tell ;)

Listen more to hear my full disclosure...


So you're a buyer and you want to cancel...

There is A LOT to cover in 4 minutes, so I'll try my best to sum this up for you...

Basically, if you're a buyer and during your investigative period you decide to cancel, it's easy to cancel the contract and get your deposit back, so long as you have not removed your inspection contingency.

Where things can get hairy is if you remove your contingencies and then want to cancel.

In Vancouver the buyer and seller go to arbitration to work out any disagreements first. In other words, the seller does not automatically have your deposit wired to them if you decide to cancel. However, if you are found to be in breach of contract because you tried to cancel after removing your contingencies, the seller will have grounds to keep your earnest money deposit.

My Full Disclosure:

Those contingencies are there to protect you, and they do not get removed automatically-- you must physically sign off on them. So make sure you're ALL IN before you sign on the dotted line and remove your contingencies.

Your Realtor is there to help guide you through every step of this process, so lean on them!

Knowledge is powerful, and if you're fully informed throughout this process it will be a smooth ride because you'll know what to expect.

Have any questions about my Full Disclosure? Drop them below and I'll do my best to answer.


You can only control the controllable(s)... nothing is ever a sure thing, but you can do a few things to make sure you're a top contender in this wild hot market.

Watch for my full disclosure on how to get your offer accepted in a hot seller's market.

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