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How do you find the real value of your home?

Josh Kepkay
Sep 30 2 minutes read

It’s something every homeowner does when they decide to sell:

Obsessively check the estimated home value of their property on the websites of the big real estate “brands” such as Redfin, get a valuation from BC assessment, or talk to a friend of a friend who "worked" as a real estate agent once upon a time. Everyone wants to know what to expect when offers come in. However, any service that hints at certainty for things that are uncertain, the projected answer might not quite match your reality. Estimates rarely even match from service to service.

So how do you find the real value of your home? 

The Takeaway: Nothing Beats Expertise

While online estimates and services can give you a general idea of your home’s value, your Realtor can consider the nuances that these other services can’t. Whether it’s a recent update to your home or new trends with buyers in your area, a Realtor can consider the whole picture when creating a pricing & marketing strategy for your home. 

We Can Help You Understand the Numbers

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